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    Courtesy of Colonial Pipeline Company

    TSA revises cybersecurity requirements for oil and gas pipelines

    The agency released performance-based requirements after extensive industry debate following the May 2021 Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

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    Leon Neal via Getty Images

    Atlassian urges rapid response after Confluence hardcoded password leaked

    The company's customers are confronting the second critical vulnerability on Confluence in as many months.

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    Morris MacMatzen via Getty Images

    Network vulnerabilities declined in 2021, but attacks hit all-time high

    Five of the 10 most-exploited vulnerabilities last year were identified before 2020, and No. 3 dates back to 2017.

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    Yuri Arcurs via Getty Images

    Where 5 programs are investing to close cyber skills gap

    In line with a White House push to close the cyber skills gap, technology firms, nonprofits and other organizations have launched a range of programs to develop a new generation of workers.

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    Sean Gallup via Getty Images

    LockBit ransomware hitting network servers

    The latest tactic used to deploy the prolific malware allows threat actors to end processes, stop services and duplicate more quickly.

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    Stock Photo via Getty Images

    California privacy rules target dark patterns through technology design

    California Privacy Rights Act provisions that will go into effect in January will provide more control to consumers over how companies use their data. 

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    South_agency via Getty Images

    New ransomware discovered using Rust, atypical encryption

    Luna’s use of platform-agnostic code allows threat actors to initiate attacks on different operating systems concurrently.

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    Retrieved from Jen Easterly/CISA.

    White House takes on cyber workforce gap through 120-day apprenticeship sprint

    A cyber workforce and education summit at the White House Tuesday was designed to address the long-standing shortage of qualified and diverse candidates for security operations teams. 

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    Chainarong Prasertthai via Getty Images

    State-backed threat actors use Google Drive, Dropbox to launch attacks

    The Russia-linked threat actor behind the SolarWinds attack used cloud storage services to deploy malicious payloads using Cobalt Strike. 

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    Kevin Frayer via Getty Images

    US effort to rip and replace hardware made in China is ballooning in cost

    A yearslong push to remove telecom equipment deemed a national security threat continues to vex regulators.

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    Techa Tungateja via Getty Images

    Data breach at debt collector affects almost 2M healthcare patients

    It’s the second-largest health data breach this year after the Shields Health Care Group cyberattack in March, the Department of Health and Human Services breach reporting portal shows.

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    Drew Angerer via Getty Images

    Google deal to buy Mandiant clears key antitrust hurdle

    The Department of Justice cleared the deal last week, but the $5.4 billion agreement remains subject to approval by foreign regulators.

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    Sefa Ozel/Getty via Getty Images

    CISA releases indicators of compromise for hard-hit VMware Horizon

    Federal authorities warn a more complex form of malware is providing advanced persistent threat actors with vast command and control capabilities.

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    Permission granted by Florida International University

    Ransomware attacks surge in education sector

    Colleges and universities are particularly challenged as repercussions of ransomware hit them harder and longer than other organizations.

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    Photo illustration by Danielle Ternes/Cybersecurity Dive; photograph by yucelyilmaz via Getty Images

    CISA eyes cross-pond cyber cooperation with London office

    Federal agencies have worked closely with allies to combat malicious cyber activity and illicit use of cryptocurrency.

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    themotioncloud via Getty Images

    Fake GitHub commits can trick developers into using malicious code

    Threat actors can easily alter the identity and timestamp associated with software updates, putting developers at serious risk, Checkmarx research shows.

  • Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks alongside President Joe Biden.
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    Mark Makela/Getty Images via Getty Images

    The US is losing the cyberspace race

    Decades-old policies have failed to stem a growing threat, the Council of Foreign Relations said. What if the U.S. embraced a more limited and realistic strategy?

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    WhataWin via Getty Images

    Cyber insurers split on what's most important in a security posture assessment

    To keep up with demand, cyber insurers acknowledge the need to rethink the underwriting process, research from Panaseer shows.

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    Naomi Eide/Cybersecurity Dive

    Log4j is far from over, cyber review board says

    Exploitation of Log4j occurred at lower levels than experts predicted, yet it remains an "endemic vulnerability," the Cyber Safety Review Board said.

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    gorodenkoff via Getty Images

    Companies cannot see — or protect — nearly half of all device endpoints

    Managing corporate devices was hard pre-pandemic. But as digital sprawl bloomed, visibility fell further behind. 

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    luza studios via Getty Images

    Threat actors favor brute force attacks to hit cloud services

    Google Cloud warned that organizations face their greatest threat due to weak passwords and vulnerable software.

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    Ninoon via Getty Images

    Hospital ransomware concerns rise after payment vendor breach, North Korea threats

    A recently disclosed ransomware attack could have exposed patient data from more than 650 healthcare providers.

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    shironosov via Getty Images

    Mid-sized companies grapple with response to cyber crises

    Limited resources, staffing and executive awareness can hamper attack response capabilities.

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    FG Trade via Getty Images

    As cyber talent demand heats up, hiring managers should shift expectations

    Companies trying to fill cybersecurity roles need to stop looking for unicorns and expand their search to qualified, but often overlooked, job candidates.  

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    Stephen Brashear/Stringer via Getty Images

    Microsoft rollback on macro blocking in Office sows confusion

    The company said it remains "fully committed" to disabling macros by default, and the temporary measure will make the product more user friendly.