Cybersecurity Awareness Meets Creativity with NINJIO's Inaugural AWARE Awards

Posted Oct 28, 2020

Today, Los Angeles, California-based NINJIO announced the winner of its inaugural “Submit a Story” contest. Over the course of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), held annually in October, NINJIO received original episode story ideas from hundreds of participating organizations across the globe, with just a handful making the final cut. 

“2020 has been such a challenging year for everyone, and we wanted to think of a fun way to engage and reward up-and-coming cybersecurity professionals, as well as uncover potentially new ideas for our growing library of micro-learning episodes,” says Zack Schuler, founder and CEO of NINJIO.

Adds Bill Haynes, former writer/producer for popular shows like Hawaii Five-O and CSI: NY, who now spearheds NINJIO's team of writers and animators: "Over the last five years, we've built an arsenal of engaging content based on 'ripped from the headlines' security breaches. Our customers have become fans, and their experiences with cybersecurity have fueled many of our story ideas. What better way to further engage them—and future NINJIO audiences—than by making them a part of the process?"

The winning episode was submitted by the CISO of a global fashion e-tailer and is titled “Dangerous Communique.” The timely and relevant episode will draw inspiration from the spear phishing attacks during Covid-19 layoffs and furloughs. The winner will work alongside television writer and producer Bill Haynes and voice actor Jon Lovitz to develop the episode, which will air in early 2021 to over one million NINJIO customers’ employees and their families.

Second place was awarded to the CISO from a government municipality and is titled “The Great Toilet Paper Hack of 2020.” The topic serves as a reminder for consumers to always shop from known, reputable sites; be wary of common items being shipped from international companies; and other tips on safeguarding accounts and passwords.

Third place was awarded to the Managing Director of I.T. from a financial management company, whose submission is titled “Printer Backdoor.” The inspiration for this episode comes from centralized printers within office environments that contain sensitive data and can easily be exploited by hackers.

The winner will receive a copy of their script autographed by Jon Lovitz, who will star in their episode; a shadow box depicting their favorite frame of the episode; and a $1000 Amazon gift card. The runners up will also receive a handful of goodies, including a NINJIO gear box, and a chance for their ideas to drive future NINJIO content.


NINJIO is a cybersecurity awareness training company that empowers individuals and organizations to become defenders against cyberthreats. The company creates 3- to 4-minute Hollywood style micro-learning videos that teach organizations, employees, and families how not to get hacked. 



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